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  • Chicken Rice
    £2.80 Chicken Rice
    Shredded chicken, peas and sliced red onion
  • Coconut Lemon Rice
    £2.80 Coconut Lemon Rice
    Lemon Rind and Dessicated coconut
  • Egg Rice
    £2.60 Egg Rice
    Fried onion and egg
  • Ghee Rice
    £2.60 Ghee Rice
    Indian butter, nuts and sultanas
  • Keema Rice
    £2.80 Keema Rice
    Spicy mince meat
  • Manzil Special Rice
    £2.80 Manzil Special Rice
    Mushrooms, peas and egg
  • Mushroom Rice
    £2.60 Mushroom Rice
    Basmati rice with mushrooms
  • Onion Fried Rice
    £2.60 Onion Fried Rice
    Sliced red onion
  • Peas Rice
    £2.60 Peas Rice
    Garden peas and onion
  • Pilau Rice
    £2.40 Pilau Rice
    Seasoned finest quality basmati
  • Plain Rice
    £2.00 Plain Rice
  • Raj Special Rice
    £2.80 Raj Special Rice
    Mince meat, mushrooms, green chillies
  • Vegetable Rice
    £2.60 Vegetable Rice
    Mixed vegetables