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Manzil Chef Specials

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  • Begum Bahar
    £7.00 Begum Bahar
    A combination of tandoori chicken, mince meat, boiled egg, fresh coriander cooked with medium hot spices in a semi-dry onion, garlic and tomato curry sauce
  • Butter Chicken
    £6.80 Butter Chicken
    A delicate, exotic, sweet flavoured dish cooked with marinated tandoori chicken, indian butter, coconut and fresh cream
  • Chicken Tikka Dall
    £6.80 Chicken Tikka Dall
    Tender pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a medium spiced rich lentil sauce, flavoured with fresh coriander and Bangladeshi citrus
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
    £6.80 Chicken Tikka Masala
    The nations favourite Indian dish, cooked in a mild, fairly sweet and creamy sauce with almonds
  • Garlic Chilli Rogan
    £6.80 Garlic Chilli Rogan
    Cooked with fresh peppers, tomatoes, onions, green chillies and extra garlic, spiced with madras strength flavours
  • Jalfrezi (chicken or lamb)
    £6.80 Choose Options Jalfrezi (chicken or lamb)
    A hot and spicy dish flavoured with fresh green chilli combined with a special onion sauce
  • Jhal Jhinga (chicken or lamb)
    £6.80 Choose Options Jhal Jhinga (chicken or lamb)
    Cooked in a spicy peeled tomato curry sauce with fresh herbs, roasted garlic, onion, ginger and hot spices
  • Makhoni
    £6.80 Choose Options Makhoni
    Fresh tomatoes, sweet raisins, garlic and cream slow cooked in indian butter
  • Manzil King Prawn Jhal Jhinga
    £7.50 Manzil King Prawn Jhal Jhinga
    Tandoori King Prawns, cooked with Bangladeshi citrus, spicy tomato curry sauce and black pepper
  • Manzil Special Handi
    £7.50 Manzil Special Handi
    A combination of king prawn, chicken tikka, and lamb, cooked with traditional Bengal spices, bay leaf and red chilli
  • Mass Bhuna
    £7.00 Mass Bhuna
    Fish fillets seasoned in medium spice, pan fried with onions and fresh garlic, slow cooked in a rich curry sauce
  • Murgh Kali Mirch
    £6.80 Murgh Kali Mirch
    Tender chicken strips, topped with onion, garlic and Bengal chillies, cooked in a semi-dry sauce, flavoured with pepper and salt
  • Pasanda (chicken or lamb)
    £6.80 Choose Options Pasanda (chicken or lamb)
    Cooked in mild spices with sweet raisins, fresh cream and almonds, flavoured with Indian butter and chatt masala, garnished with grounded pistachio nut
  • Shobuz Masala (chicken or lamb)
    £6.80 Choose Options Shobuz Masala (chicken or lamb)
    Fresh green chillies blended with garlic and coriander, cooked with hot spices and a fiery curry sauce
  • Tandoori Chicken Rezalla
    £6.80 Tandoori Chicken Rezalla
    Tandoori chicken strips combined with spicy mince meat, stir fried with onions, fresh tomato and chopped green chillies
  • Zara (chicken or lamb)
    £6.80 Choose Options Zara (chicken or lamb)
    Sliced red pepper, Bangladeshi citrus, cooked in a spicy sauce with fresh tomato and garlic, flavoured with finely chopped green chillies

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